Soldering Kit or Plastic Cap – A one stop solution

Soldering Kit or Plastic Cap – A one stop solution

Posted on Jun 05 , 2021

Noel India

Noel has always been making an effort to provide its customers with the best quality products and satisfy the demands of the market. In the Indian market, Soldering Kit and Plastic Caps of this brand are extensively available.
The Soldering Kit made by Noel Precision Products presents something to everyone. It provides the students with everything they need for completing their College projects, or it may offer a lot to the Hobbyists who are eager to realize present age Electronics, or the Enthusiasts who are looking for designing something in the Electronics field.
Noel SOLDERING IRON puts forward excellent products of value in it. These products could be useful for Students, Hobbyists, Electronic design engineers, Electronics enthusiasts, Electronic engineers etc. The products in the Kit include Soldering Iron 25W (Model-Gold), Desoldering Pump (Model-Color), White Solder Flux, Soldering Iron Stand (Model Deluxe) and Solder Wire.

Soldering Iron 25W is useful in all-purpose soldering as it has superb High comfort Nylon Handle, 3 core molded plug, Nickel-Copper Plated Bit, and advanced Heating element. It is a most resourceful and adaptable product in 25 watt range. Desoldering Pump (Model-Color) is helpful for Solder suction from different PCBs, Solder joints, Motherboards etc. Its suction power is high and it is very Handy for use. It is a most reliable and resourceful tool to remove solder from different electronic joints, plates etc.

White solder Flux has improved Additives and activators. When it is used for soldering, the Flux does not leave any high smoke, unpleasant smell or black spots on the plates. Soldering Iron stand (Model Deluxe) is a powerful Iron stand. It can be used for holding the heated soldering iron. The soldering iron grip is very stubborn and it can also hold back heavy wattage soldering irons. Solder wire is very helpful for better usage in any repairing and soldering work, with an apt 60:40 mixture of Tin and Lead.

An extensive range of Plastic Caps and Containers have been offered by Noel. These products are used for packaging of Aerosols, Chemicals, Silicones, Lubricants and Paints etc. The offered Caps are of various sizes of 35mm, 45mm, 52mm, 65mm, plastic seals etc. for Aerosols and 500ml/1ltr plastic containers for Grease, paints, lubricants etc.
This is one of the best PLASTIC CAP MANUFACTURERS in India; their team of experts checks each and every product with high precision Quality control and other important guidelines. With their competence and experience in Plastics field, the professionals of this company toil for supplying the best solutions to their clients and customers.
Here the specialists persistently do research on their products with strict regulations in order to tender better customer satisfaction. The company came into the business of Plastics Moulding in 1994, and ever since it has been intensifying and developing the product base in various plastic moulds. The company has made wise investments in the top machinery for doing greater functions in dedication to their clients. Their imported as well as Indian make Injection moulding machines can produce great volumes of excellent plastic products.