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Plastic Caps & Containers

Our company has judiciously invested in the best machinery to perform better functions dedicatedly for our clients. Our manufacturing works unit is installed with Imported and Indian make Injection molding machines. These machines are capable enough for producing large volumes of Plastic components and other products.

During the manufacturing process, each and every product is tested and produced with High precision, Quality control and other important guidelines.

With our experience and proficiency in the plastics field from past so many years, our team at Noel works towards delivering the best solutions for our customers and clients.

Our company offers an extensive range of Plastic Caps and Containers used for Packaging of Products in Auto, Rubber, Fabrications, Aerosols, Silicones, Chemicals, Puttys, Lubricants and Paints etc.

Our manufacturing processes our done with rigorous color theory formulations of masterbatches in Polymer division for controlled manufacturing. This is mainly for Polymer specifications, Bleeding effect and maintained strength of color compounding.


  • PC Capsules
  • LD- Inners

Our company offers various caps which are widely used by many aerosol manufacturers and other cosmetic companies in India. Our company manufactures caps from Virgin polymers only. These polymers include Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene-Random Co-polymer, Ethylene-vinyl acetate, Low-Density Polyethylene, Polycarbonate etc.


Plastic Containers 500ml and 1 Litre are made from Virgin Co-Polymer material and are provided with a Lid to cover the material inside the containers.

These containers are widely used for packaging of Industrial Lubricants, Heat sinks, Epoxy Puttys, Greases, and Paints etc.

These Containers can be made in any color according to the requirements of the customers for the further usage of their customers.

  • Container 500 Ml & 1 Ltr

  • Container 500 Ml & 1 Ltr