‘’Right from my college days, I’ve been using Noel’s soldering products for most of my engineering projects. The durability of their products is amazing! Initially, I was very hesitant to buy this Brand from the local electronics store, but to be honest their products are very long lasting! Keep up the good work Noel!’’

- John Keats

Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi

‘’Excellent Soldering irons! I’ve been using their Desoldering Pumps since the 1990's. Noel Soldering iron 25 watt and 40 watt have been true dependable soldering tools for me and my colleague in my Repair store!’’

-Kit Kat Electronics

New Delhi

‘’ Noel Silicone spray is so perfect. It solved the problem due to which I'm struggling with my Rubik's cube. The spray made it smoother and clicky and now I can solve my cube in less than 20 seconds. And by looking at its quantity I can easily say that it can easily be used for more than 12 months.’’

-Rohit Sharma, Indore

New Delhi

‘’I’ve been using Noel Desoldering Transparent for almost 10 years now. It’s such a sturdy tool! I must say, there are no Indian manufacturers who have been able to provide this awesome quality. Cheers Team Noel!

-Rohtash Singh, Dhulia,



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