Our desoldering pumps are available under the brand name of Noel® in 6 different variants.

  1. Model – Color
  2. Model – Transparent
  3. Model – Deluxe
  4. Model – XL
  5. Model – Half Metal
  6. Electric Desoldering Pump or Desoldering Iron aka Multiple Desoldering Tool 30W

These are subject to different types of suction power, design, mechanism and control.

The markets have matured and, a lot of competition has also increased in desoldering pumps. The markets today now offer desoldering pumps which have huge suction power but are not handy. Some are handy but, do not have the high suction power to suck the solder from various PCB plates, etc. There are a lot of imported brands available in the markets which lure the customer to shift their focus to them.

We as manufacturers of desoldering pumps are sustaining in the market from a long time. Our homegrown Desoldering pumps –Color and Transparent, are very much our Flagship products in the markets. These are Handy and have the strong suction power to remove the solder.

Other models such as Deluxe and XL have a strong suction power and control mechanism that even women in electronic industries are easily able to use them.

We also have to keep the quality and longevity of products in our minds before we make our products. Specialized plastics are used to make the strengthened body of Desoldering Pumps. Each and every specification of Color, design, mechanism, and suction power are very important for us to sustain our trust in the customers.

Our customers have always displayed their trust even on the e-commerce portals for our Soldering irons and Desoldering pumps. We value the relationship and bond with our customers and hope to progress with them in the future.

Metal Desoldering Pump is our latest addition to our Product Line. Metal Desoldering pump is 100% Designed and Developed in India. Our production capacity is of at least 1000 pieces per day.

In India, Cheap Chinese products are sold By Traders and Merchants just to increase their own profit margins. They rarely think about the quality of product the customer needs to get in order to use a high-quality soldering tool.

We as an Indian manufacturer are the only manufacturer of Electric Desoldering Pump in India. Our Electric Desoldering pump aka Multiple Desoldering Tool has a Power wattage of 30W. This Tool acts as a Soldering iron during emergency times.

Electric Desoldering Tools helps the users easily desolder the multi-legged components on the PCB Board. This tool is highly efficient in constant long hours of working. The Heating element provides heat in order to melt the soldered joints and to desolder the components soldered on the PCB.