Soldering iron manufacturer

We Noel Precision Products are a Quality Soldering iron manufacturer manufacturing High Quality Soldering Tools in India since 1992. Noel is an established brand in the Indian market in the field of Soldering Tools.

Our Company motto is to provide High quality standardized Soldering Tools effective in pricing and user friendly for consumers.

Being a Soldering Iron manufacturer, We keep various quality standards in our manufacturing operations. Meticulously checking the Soldering Elements while processing them during manufacturing is one part of the manufacturing process.

Our company believes in creating processes which produce, quality soldering tools for a better consumer experience.

Noel as a Quality Soldering Iron manufacturer assures it’s customers, Buyers and various consumers about the varsity of changing environment in the electronics workspace.

Our range of soldering irons ranges from 8 Watts to 125 Watts. These are standard constant heating soldering irons used widely in the Indian Subcontinent.

With growing demand, and upgradations in user requirements, Noel as a soldering iron manufacturer has also launched Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons.

Now, Noel has 2 different ranges of Soldering Irons i.e. Constant Heating and Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons in it’s Product range.

During manufacturing of Soldering Tools, our Factory workers keep a close check on most of the products manufactured and the Quality checks are done at least 3 times before shipping the Products to our Distributors, Dealers, Merchants, Consumers etc.

Our Dealers and Distributors have full faith and trust in our Quality Manufacturing of Soldering Irons, which they are able to surpass to customers who purchase goods from their Stores and Shops.

As a quality Soldering iron manufacturer, our quality standards are ISO 9001:2015 certified and constant checks in our Factory are done by Quality adherence Teams.

Our Quality check team snuggles every lot of Production to have better checks in the Lots manufactured by our Workers.