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Soldering iron Gold 25watt

Soldering Iron 25 watt/230 volts – GOLD

Soldering Iron 25 watt GOLD is our company’s Flagship product and has been a hard worker in the electronics and electrical industries. The most resourceful and adaptable soldering iron in the range of 25 watt range. Soldering Iron Gold has been a hot selling product over the previous years and has been cherished by electrical engineers, electronics repairers, students and hobbyists.

Soldering iron 25 watt/230Volts has the following features:

  • Advanced Heating element
  • High Quality Nickel-Copper plated Bit
  • Quickly attains working temperature
  • Constant Tip temperature
  • Low current leakage
  • Rubber grip for high comfort use
  • 3 core molded plug
  • Nylon handle for a better quality body

Soldering Iron 25W Gold is useful for all electronic general purpose applications

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