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Soldering iron 60watt

Soldering Iron 60 watt/ 30 watt 230 volts

Soldering iron 60 watt is another Flagship model of our company offered to its customers for extra heavy jobs. Soldering iron 60W remains a loyal and sturdy worker for its users in the industry. Soldering iron 60 watt remains a trustworthy and faithful friend to all the industrial and retail users. The Bakelite handle of the soldering iron is a solid heat resistant model which extends its long hours of working capabilities.

Soldering iron 60 watt is compatible with Pointed and Flat soldering bits. Its advanced Heating element makes sure that the customers don’t repent their decision of buying this product.

Soldering iron 60 watt/230 volts has the following features:

  • Advanced Heating element
  • High Quality Nickel-Copper plated Bit
  • Quickly attains working temperature
  • Constant Tip temperature
  • Low current leakage
  • 3 core multi plug
  • Strong Bakelite Handle for heat resistance

Soldering iron 60W is very ideal for doing extra heavy jobs, extensively usable in Automobile, Power electronics and Fabric industries.

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