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Solder Paste

Solder Paste

Noel’s Solder paste is a very innovative product developed by our company. The solder paste is a highly innovative product with superior quality soldering additives and activators. The solder paste is prepared with specific standardized methods using different formulations and compounding.

The solder paste is White in color and can be used for Soldering and Desoldering at the same time of operations depending upon the use

White Solder paste has the following features:

  • High Quality Soldering Additives & Activators for effective soldering
  • Does not create High Smoke
  • Does not create Foul/Bad Smell
  • No Residual Waste
  • Useful for general purpose soldering, electrical wires, components and cables etc.

Noel Solder Paste is available in 10gms, 50gms, 100gms, 500gms and 1Kg packing.

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