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Extension Board

At Noel®, we also manufacture Extension board available in different wire lengths and colors. A standard Noel® extension board has power capacity of up to 5A/230V. With strict adherence towards quality our extension boards are made of Strong ABS and Bakelite plastics.

Noel Extension boards are commonly for home and office purposes. These may include operating of Television sets, Radio sets, Computers, UPS, Printers, CCTV cameras, Weighing scales, Blowers, Laptop charging, LED Lights, Diwali lights etc.

The standard wire lengths available for our extension boards are 7.5 meters and 3.65 meters. These wires are instilled with pure copper material wires for better conductivity.

The wire of extension board comes with a two core molded plug which makes it easier for the customers to use.

Noel Extension board 5A/230V has the following features:

  • Strong ABS and Bakelite plastics body
  • Power capacity of up to 5A/230V
  • Two core wire for better usability
  • Variable wire lengths for different usages

Extension boards can be damaged by using heavy electrical items like Refrigerators, Heaters, And Air conditioners etc; these extension boards are specifically meant for light electrical items only.

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