Desoldering Pump - XL

Desoldering Pump the most dependable and enterprising tool

You can get four different variants of DESOLDERING PUMP under the Brand name of Noel. These are subject to various kinds of suction power, mechanism, design, and control. There are different types of Desoldering pump available in the market and that may tempt the customers but before purchasing any of it then the customers must collect the information regarding the quality of the pump. Noel Precision Products is a renowned name in this field and they have brought Desoldering pump in Colour and Transparent that are the company’s Flagship products in the market.
Desoldering Pump has different features like,

1. Coloured ABS plastic body
2. Sturdy plastic rod
3. High suction power
4. Teflon nozzle
5. Easily replaceable nozzle
6. Easy to clean and maintain
7. Ideal for removing multi-legged components and excessive solder
Soldering Iron most useful

If you are eager to get some innovative soldering tool then you can go for SOLDERING IRON from Noel Precision Products. The soldering iron is a tool which is available in the markets through the dealers and distributor network. Being the manufacturer they keep in mind every minute detail for all the components assembled for the production of Soldering irons. The vendors are clearly instructed for keeping the dimensions and standard measurement of the production. They are also instructed to keep the standard measurement of Soldering Bits and Soldering elements.

The soldering iron is very powerful and removes the solder very successfully and easily without any effort from the electronic boards. The soldering irons are made in different wattages ranging from 8 watts, 15 watts, 25 watts, 30 watts, and 50 or 60 watts. But the Flagship product of the company is 25 Watt- Gold is an outstanding production of the company.


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