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Noel precision products

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At Noel, we manufacture High Quality Soldering and Desoldering Tools, equipments and other Accessories.

These tools include Soldering Irons in variable wattages, Desoldering pumps in variable models with different suction powers, Multiple Desoldering Iron which serves as a Soldering and Desoldering tool, Soldering Bits and Elements, Soldering Accessories and Plastic Caps and Containers etc.

We have always emphasized on upgrading our machinery for development of our range of products. Our Team here works with a vision for developing Quality products for a regular use.

Noel’s Manufacturing works are set up in New Delhi, India fully equipped with latest machinery and modern state-of-the art infrastructure for production of High Quality products. Our Machinery is fully capable for manufacturing High Precision quality products for our customers.

Why choose NOEL?

With Experienced workforce , Strict Quality Adherence,Sound infrastructure and Strong production capacity, our company is capable to bring best of its products in the market.

Our company was first to introduce Desoldering pump of it’s kind under the brand name of NOEL® in the market. These Desoldering pumps are available in 4 different models. These Desoldering pumps are handy and are useful for suction of solder from electronic components.

Our Soldering Irons are widely used throughout by Retail and Industrial customers. These Soldering Irons are manufactured keeping in mind the exact quality requirements for the customers. Every minute component fitted in our Soldering Irons are tested thoroughly for at least three to four times for further producing the final product.

Our company was also the first in the Indian market to introduce Desoldering Iron or Multiple Desoldering Tool. This tool can serve as a Soldering Iron and Desoldering tool together for the ease of our customers.

With time our company has diversified into various other products in which we developed our expertise. We have now started supplying Solder Flux, Soldering Iron Stands, Soldering Accessories and other Lubrication Sprays.


We aim to Build Trust and Confidence in our customers by providing Superior Quality, Value for money and Customer experience through continuous improvement and development in the rapidly evolving markets


We aspire to become a reputed and well respected company in the space of Electronics and Plastics industry.

Glimpse of the Company

Noel precision products

Incorporated in the year 1992, Noel Precision Products is headed by Mr. Bharat Chawla whose hardwork and persistence has made the company an established name in the business of Electronics field.

Soldering and Desoldering Tools

Under the Brand name of NOEL™, Our Company manufactures a vast range of Soldering & Desoldering Tools, Soldering accessories, Speciality Aerosol sprays and Plastic Caps and Containers in India.

Noel offers a comprehensive range of products such as:

  • Soldering Irons ranging from 8 watts to 60 watts.
  • Desoldering pumps in different variants with different suction powers.
  • Desoldering Iron serves the purpose of removing multi-legged components from PCBs.
  • Soldering Accessories such as Soldering Iron stands, White Solder Flux, Thermal Grease (Heat Sink Compound), Soldering Bits and Elements.
  • Speciality Aerosol sprays such as Silicone sprays, Lubrication sprays, Contact Cleaners tested for electronics industry.

Our products are well distributed through our Dealer/distributor network in India and largest online sales portals.

Plastics Injection Molding

Plastics Injection Molding

Our company has been into the Plastics Molding Business since 1994. We have since then been progressing and expanding our product base in different products molded of plastic Our company has judiciously invested in the best machinery to perform better functions dedicatedly for our clients. Our manufacturing works unit is installed with Imported and Indian make Injection molding machines. These machines are capable enough for producing large volumes of Plastic products.

During the manufacturing process, each and every product is tested and produced with High precision, Quality control and other important guidelines.

With our experience and proficiency in the plastics field, we work towards delivering the best solutions for our customers and clients.

Our company offers an extensive range of Plastic Caps and Containers used for Packaging of Products such as Aerosols, Silicones, Chemicals, Puttys, Lubricants and Paints etc.

We offer caps available in different sizes of 35mm, 45mm, 52mm, 65mm, 65mm(Tubeholder), Plastic seals etc for Aerosols industry.

Plastic Containers (500ml/1000ml) for Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Paints etc. These Packaging products are further used in many industries such Auto, Rubber, Fabrication, Electronics, Chemicals etc.

Auto, Rubber, Fabrication, Electronics, Chemicals

Quality Policy

At Noel, we continually research on our products range with strict adherence and regulations in order to provide superior customer satisfaction. Research for new and innovative products is done on a regular and continuous basis.

Our company strives continuously to not to compromise on Quality and always provides best to our customers.

Surprise Quality checks are made by the company heads to maintain strict regulations for our range of products.

E-commerce Portals

Our company has evolved with time and has tried to reach customers as much as possible with our innovative products.

With the incremental growth of E-commerce industry our company has been associated with the largest E-commerce portals in India.

Customers can find our products on Snapdeal, Flipkart etc

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